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Introducing "Theological Education" through Technology

Welcome to Church Education Trust, a Christian charity committed to offer 'theological education through technology.' (TET)

TET is a simple but effective way of delivering Christian discipleship programmes, developed to assist in the personal preparations of the believer, who is aware of God's call to ministry.

TET offers an opportunity for Christians to develop theological understanding, gain spiritual insight and equip themselves for ministry.

At Church Education Trust we are committed to deliver Christian education by means of a web-site designed to facilitate distance learning.


The development of technology has radically changed the method and speed of our communication.

The mobile telephone, e-mail and the massive potential of the internet can be utilised to send the gospel message and also deliver good theological training around the world.

Many churches and Christian organisations worldwide are using the web, but only a few for distance learning.

A window of opportunity has opened and the potential for sharing our Christian faith with those who live in `regions beyond` is now made possible through technology.

Through our research we have identified Missionary organisations and indigenous churches who have expressed the need for such a facility.

"The expense of training one national worker from overseas in the West is often prohibitive, but with 'theological education by technology' students can be trained in their local area for a fraction of the cost.

manThrough this medium students would be able to stay in their communities and continue their ministries, while being prepared through TET programming."
(Missionary society comments)

"The possibilities for the CET web site, with its TET programmes, are far reaching and the potential for this ministry to be a vital tool and support system for the world church is enormous."
( Comment from a senior church leader )

Together with the pen and the printing press, the computer has revolutionised our lives once again and made distance learning a reality for " the uttermost parts of the earth."

While traditional forms of theological education are tried and tested, those who cannot avail themselves of it, CET offers new possibilities.


                   Robert Loney : Editor


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