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ST003 God the Son.


The Person of Jesus Christ.

1.   The Perfect Humanity of Jesus Christ.

  • The Characteristics of Christ`s Human Nature.
  • The Sinlessness of Christ.
  • The Suffering of Christ.

2.   The Deity of Christ.

  • The Pre-Existence of Christ.
  • Christ the Jehovah of the Old Testament.
  • The Divine names and titles of our Lord.
  • Divine characteristics attributed to Christ.
  • The unique claims of Christ for Himself.
  • The importance and significance of the Doctrine of the Deity of Christ. 

3.   The Divine - Human person of Christ.

  • The Nature of the Incarnation.
  • The One Person.
  • The two natures.
  • Summary of Orthodox Beliefs.

4.   The Historical manifestation of the Redeemer.

  • The Incarnation.
  • The two estates.
  • The Resurrection.
  • Doctrinal Implications.
  • The names of the Redemer.

5.   Unscriptural Theories concerning the Person of Christ.

  • Primitive Period.
  • Nicene Period.
  • Post-Chalcedonian Period.
  • Adoptionism and Socianism.
  • Conclusions.


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