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ST007 Redemption.



The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the Admistration of Redemption.

1. The work of the Holy Spirit in the Administration of Redmption.

a. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

b. The Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

c. The dispensation of the Holy Spirit.

d. The Emblems of the Holy Spirit.

2. The Preliminary state of Grace.

a. Man`s condition by nature and Prevenient Grace.

b. Repentance. 

c. Saving faith.

d. Conversion.

3. The Experience of Salvation.

a. Justification & Regeneration.

b. Christian Perfection / Entire Sanctification.

4. Calvinism and Arminianism.

a. History of the Controversy.

b. Two basic Differences in the two systems.

c. Practical differences in Experience of Salvation.

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