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ST004  God the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit.

1. Introduction.

2.The Personality of the Holy Spirit.

   a. References to the Holy Spirit are those suitable to a person.

   b. Personal acts and feelings are ascribed to the Holy spirit.

   c. Personal relationships are likewise ascribed to Him. 


3.The Deity of the Holy Spirit.

   a. The attributes of Deity are ascribed to the Holy Spirit.

   b. The works of Deity are spoken of as belonging to the Holy Spirit.

   c. The Baptismal Formula and the Benediction.

   d. The Holy Spirit`s name is interchanged with that of God in certain passages.

4. The Doctrine of the Trinity.

   a. The fact of the Trinity.

   b. The fact of the Trinity is not contrary to reason.

   c. The fact of the Trinity is inscrutable.

   d. The fact of the Trinity is an essential truth.

5. The Scriptural development of the doctrine.

   a. The Unity of God.

   b. The Triunity of God.

   c. The Evangelical doctrine of the Trinity.

   d. Unscriptural Theories.






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