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ST005  Man, the Fall & Sin


The Doctrine of Man and Sin.

1. The Doctrine of Man. (Anthropology).

a. The Origin of Man.

  • The Genesis Account.
  • Theories contrary to Divine Creation.
  • The Unity of the Race.
  • The Antiquity of the Race.

b.The Nature of Man.

  • The origin of the Soul.
  • The image of God in Man.
  • The nature of man`s primative moral nature.

2. The Doctrine of Sin. (Hamartiology).

a. The Nature of Sin.

  • The Law of God.
  • The Scriptural conception of Sin.

b.The Origin of Sin.

  • Philosophical Theories.
  • The Doctrine of Satan.
  • The Origin of sin in man.
  • The Genesis account of the fall.
  • The necessity of Man`s Probation.
  • Man`s Temptation and fall into sin.
  • The means of temptation.
  • The extent of god`s responsibility for sin.

c. The Consequences of Sin.

  • The immediate consequences of the fall into sin.
  • General consequences of sin.
  • The nature of guilt.
  • The nature of pemalty.
  • Death as the penalty of sin.

d. Original Sin and Inherited depravity.

  • Scriptural teaching concerning original sin.
  • Scriptural teaching concerning inherited depravity.
  • The transmission of inherited depravity.
  • Hereditary depravity and hereditary guilt.
  • The nature, meaning and extent of Inherited depravity.
  • The meaning of total depravity.
  • Man`s moral condition at birth.

e.The Freedom of the Will.

f. Depravity and Infirmity.


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