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ST008 The Church


The Church


ST009/1 The Nature of the Church.

  • Its Spiritual character.
  • The Body of Christ.
  • The Temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Bride of Christ.
  • The Flock and the Shepherd.

ST009/2   The Attributes of the Church.

  • Unity and Diversity.
  • Holiness and Imperfection.
  • Catholic and Local.
  • Apostolic and Confessional.

ST009/3   The Organisation of the Church.

  • The Formation of the Church.
  • Its Founding.
  • Its Function.
  • Its Formulation.

ST009/4   Christian Ministry.

  • The Extraordinary and Transitional.
  • Apostles.
  • Prophets.
  • Evangelists.
  • The Regular and Perament.
  • Pastors.
  • Deacons.

ST009/5   The Worship & Sacrements of the Church.

  • The Worship of the early Church.

ST009/6   The Means of Grace.

  • The Word of God.
  • Prayer.
  • Christian Fellowship.
  • Worship.

ST009/7   The Christian Sunday.

  • The Day of Rest.
  • The change from the 7th Day to the First.
  • The manner of keeping the lord`s day.

ST009/8   The Sacrements.

  • The Meaning of a Sacrament.
  • The Marks of a Sacrament.
  • The Nature of a Sacrament.
  • Additional Sacraments.

ST009/9   Christian Baptism.

ST009/10 The Mode of Baptism.

ST009/11 The Lord`s Supper.

  • Transubstantiation.
  • Consubstantiation.
  • Zwinglian.
  • Calvin and Reformers.

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