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TMP029/2 Joel


1.Joel's present instructions,based on the locust plague.
chapter 1:1-2:27.

A.The occasion:the locust plague. (Ch.l:l-4).

B.The Instructlons,based on the Locust plague.(1:5-2:27).

B1.Warnings in the light of the present crisis.(Ch.1:5,20).

(a).Joel's plea for penitence.(1:5-13).

- A warning to pleasure, seekers. (1:5-10). - A warning to farmers.(1:11-12).

- A warning to priests.(1:13).

(b).Joel's plea for prayer.(1:14-20).

- The call for an assembly.(ch.1:14-18).

- The example to the assembly.(ch.1:19-20).

B2.Warnings in the light of the coming conflict.(2:1-27).

(a).Joel's plea for preparation.(2:1-11).

- The general conditions.(2:1-2a).

- The coming army.(2:2b-11).

(b).Joel's plea and perscription.(2:12-27).

- the plea to turn to god for mercy.(2:12-14).

- The call to implore the God of grace.(2:15-27).

* The cry of the faithful.(2:15-17).

* The response of God.(2:18-27).

2.God's future intentions, the Eschatological programme.

Chapter 2:28-3:31.

A.The promise of His provision.(ch.2:28-32)

1.The outworking of His Spirit. (2:28-31). 

2.The outworking of Salvation.(ch.2:32).

B.The prediction of His final triumph.(3:1-21).

l.The tribulation programme.(3:1-17).

(a).The coming judgement.(3:1-8).

- Its basis.(3:1-3).

- Its execution.( 3:4-8).

(b).The challenge in Judgement.(3:9-17).

- The call to judgement.(3:9-12).

- The course of Judgement.(3:13-17).

2. The millennial prosperity.(3:18-21).

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