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BHB011  First Kings


1 kings

"Solomon, Kingdom Division & Elijah"

Key verse.

"Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? if the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God follow him." 1Kings 18:21.

Some have suggested that 1 Kings 9:4-5 and 1 kings 11:11 are also key verses.

Key Phrase.

"As David his father."

Key Theme.

Jehovah is the king of Israel who blesses, punishes and forgives.


The author of this book is unknown but what we do know about the writting of the book is that it took place while the first temple was still standing.(1 kings 8:8) That being the case it is quite possible that someone like Jeremiah may well have had a part in the writting of this book.


The book deals with the life and reign of one of Israel`s most revered kings. Solomon was considered to be the wisest of all the kings of Israel.The book of kings divides into two main sections. Chapters 1-11 are concerned with Solomon`s united kingdom and all his national achievements.

While his kingdom stretched from the borders of Egypt to the borders of Babalon, it is recognised that the crowning glory of his reign was  the building of the temple in Jerusalem. Solomon was powerful and wealthy but in his latter years his foreign wives led him into idolatry and this was his down fall and the downfall of the nation.

Chapters 12-22 deal with the divided kingdom after the death of Solomon. The foolishness of Rehoboam`s decisions, the over taxing of the nation led to revolution and the division of the kingdom. The ten Northern Tribes revolted under the leadership of their newly chosen king Jeroboam. There was constant emenity and strife between the two kingdoms from that day until both at different periods in history were taken into captivity by the Assayrians and the Babylonians.


The Hebrew title for this book is "melechim" when translated simply means "Kings".


Ths book was written after the Babylonian exile, probably by a contemporary of Jeremiah or even Jeremiah himself. (646-570 B.C.) It records the nations idolatry, disobedience to God and their ungodliness which explains why they (Israel) went into the first captivity in 722 B.C., followed later by Judah`s demise and captivity in Babylon in 586 B.C. First Kings covers a period of 118 years in the nations history from Solomon`s reign in 971 B.C. to the beginning of Ahaziah`s reign in 853 B.C.


The United Kingdom.

Chapter 1-2    Solomon becomes King.

Chapter 3       Solomon`s wisdom.

Chapter 4       Solomon`s wealth and power.

Chapter 5-8    The Temple.

Chapter 9-10   Solomon`s Kingdom.

Chapter 11      Solomon`s idolatry and sin.

The Divided kingdom.

Chapter 12     The division of the Kingdom.

Chapter 13-14 Jerobaom, King of Israel anf Rehoaboam King of Judah.

Chapter 15-16 Kings of Israel and Judah.

Chapter 17      Elijah.

Chapter 18      Drought.

Chapter 19      The still small voice.

Chapter 20-22  King Ahab`s death.

Chapter 22       King Jehoshaphat (Judah) and King Ahaziah (Israel).

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