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Theme: The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.

Key verses: Nehemiah 6:16; 8:10.

Date: 444 B.C.

Nehemiah came to Jerusalem as a Governor with the Authority of the King of Persia to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and by so doing making the city fortified and secured.

The jewish remanent had returned to the city about 520 BC but had spent most of their time looking after their personal needs while the city walls continued for almost 2 generations to lie in ruins.Nehemiah was called and tasked to rebuild them and thats exactly what he did. Even though he had to with stand some very powerful local tribal neighbours he never flinched from the task.

The book divides in a series of imprtant steps which have been replecated time and time again in Christian work worldwide. The principles involved in this task which Nehemiah was called to follow a distinct and clearcut line of logic.

  • Knowledge
  • Burden
  • Prayer
  • Vsion
  • provision 
  • Examination 
  • Strategy
  • Team development
  • Task
  • Completion. 


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