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TMP028/12 Exposition Ch.12

c.The folly of Isreal.


In this section Hosea returns again to his original theme of chapter three and that is Isreal's disobedience and unfaithfulness.

Again Isreal's sin is seen in it's many manifesting forms, lying, deceit, unruliness against their creator Yahweh. They were unfaithful to the faithful 'Holy One'.

Verse 1.

Isreal had made senseless treaties with many pagan nations such as Egypt and Assyria (2 kings 17:4, 18:21, Isaiah 30:7). Unfortunately Isreal never benified from any of these relationships. It would seem that "lies and violence" were the basis upon which these treaties were made.

Verse 2.

Again Judah is mentioned as a nation that will suffer judgement because of it's disobedience against God's word and will.The use of the word "Jacob" refers to both Isreal and Judah. Jacob was the father of the united kingdom which still made him the father of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.

Verse 3.

In this verse Hosea goes back in time to give a description of Jacob's struggles at the time of his birth when he struggled with his twin brother, he grasped his heal in the womb.Thus pulling against what is known to be the truth was to be continually found in the life of the children of Isreal.

There struggling spirit of opposition would be judged by God. Jacob's life was characterised by a struggling spirit, always struggling for blessing and for favour with God, this would also characterise Israe for she to would struggle with the almighty to gain favour.

Verse 4.

At Jabbok, Jacob so desired the favour and blessing of God that he overcame an angel, he wept and begged God for blessing.Then at Bethel (Gen.35:1-15) God gave jacob conformation of that blessing.The implication behind this verse is, that if Israel really desired blessing and the presence of God, and if they were hungry for Him, YAHWEH would meet them at the point of their needs, as He had met with Jacob.

Verse 5.

Here the name of God is mentioned His most powerful name is used "The Lord God Almighty. The 'Lord of Hosts',this name is given so that the Isrealites could be sure of the blessing of God on their lives and also as a reminder that Yahweh always fulfills His covenant promises to His children.

Verse 6.

In this verse 'repentance' is the main theme. Isreal are asked to return to God, that returning could only be through repentance so that God`s love and justice could be maintained Isreal are also called to 'wait' before God as a means of recieving blessing.

Verse 7.

In this seventh verse Hosea mentions the sin of fraud, it would seem that the buisness men used scales that weighed heavy so that they could ('asaq ) oppress and defraud the people.

Verse 8.

Isreal had become very rich at the expence of the poor, they had used 'shady' practices to get gain, but always considered themselves innocent of any wrong. It may have been that they had found loop holes in the law so as to legally carry out their shaddy dealings.

Verse 9.

God replies to them by saying that He will drive them out from their wealthy circumstances so that they would experience the tent life again. This is a reference to the life style of the people of Israell in their place of captivity.
They will be brought low again as in the days of their wilderness wanderings.The indication here is that during their time in captivity God would meet their needs as He had done for the children of Isreal who came out of Egypt.

Verse 10.

Isreal could not plead ignorance for their sin, because God had often sent them His prophets, and reminded them through visions and parables, they had no excuse.

Verse 11.

Gilead and Gilgal represented the basic spiritual desires of the Nation of Isreal and according to God the only thing that these two places represented was wickedness. The sacrifice of bulls at Gilgal indicated Isreal attitude to the laws of Moses. Gilgal was not a designated place for the sacrifice of animals.(4:15,9:15).God's anger would reduce those alters to a pile of rubble.

Verse 12.

Here Jacob's name is mentioned again, even though Jacob served long for his wife Rachel,those years may have been seen as wasted years, hard years but none the less they were years of blessing.

Verse 13.

When Isreal was in Egypt, God sent them a prophet who became their deliverer.(Deut 18:18)Although Isreal experienced hardship in Egypt, they still had God's spokesman in their midst.

Verse 14.

In the light of that Isreal should have been humbled and submissive to the word of God,but in fact this was not the case. Instead Isreal provoked God's anger through their sin.Therefore Isreal would be repayed for their sin.


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