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TMP028/13 Exposition Ch.13.

d.Isreal's fall into sin.


In this section Hosea speaks out against Isreal's unfaithfulness to God,he also reminds them of their evil but this time he does so from a more historical position.

Verse 1.

Hosea speaks directly to the tribe of Ephraim, in other times Ephraim was respected and listened to by all the other tribes, in fact they often led the other tribes into national decisions. (Judges 8;1-3,12:1-6,1 kings 12:25, 11:36).

But from those days until the time of writting this book things had certainly changed for Ephraim had begun to worship Baal, this Baal worship had been introduced into the life of the nation by Jeroboam.(1 kings 12:26-33).

Verses 2-3.

Here we have an insight into Baal worship as carrled out by the children of Isreal. It would appear that the children of Israel had made many small idols from silver (1:8) and so this increased their sin.

It would also seem that 'human sacrifice' was carried out but this is still a debateable point. 'Kissing the idols' meant to pay homage to them (1 kings 19:18,Psalm 2:12).This disgraceful idolatry began in Jeroboam's days and had continued right up until the time of Hosea. For this sin the Isrealites would disappear like 'the chalf swirling from a threshing floor.'

Verse 4.

Hosea acknowledges the great power of the almighty God and suggests that Isreal must acknowledge no other God and saviour but Yahweh.

Verse 5-6.

Hosea reminds Israel concerning God's provision for their forefathers while coming out of Egypt.God loved them enough to think about Israel's smallest needs such as daily food, but the people who recieved these provisions became satisfied and proud and promptly forgot their delievering God.

Verse 7.

Judgement is the theme of this verse. God would pounce on rebellious Israel like a lion and bring immediate judgement and punishment because of her wrong attitude toward Him.

Verse 8.

The theme of punishment is highlighted here,Hosea uses concepts that would be familiar to the Isrealites,the idea of the lion,leopard and bear stalking its pray,bringing instant defeat is used to reveal how God will judge the nation.

Verse 9.

Israel and Judah as kingdoms would be destroyed simply because they lived in opposition to God.

Verse 10.

Israel didnot have a king and even if they did he could not deliver Isreal from the impending judgement which will be carried out by the Assyrian armies.Only Yahweh could
really help them and of course Isreal had already rejected His help.

Verse 11.

Over a long period of time since the divison of the kingdom God had allowed Israel and Judah to have a king, but these kings did not reign long because almost all were
totally faithless and did not live according to God's law.

Verse 12.

So Israel's sin had been stored up (sarar) and kept on record (sapan) for on the day of judgement all would be revealed.

Verse 13.

The main idea behind this verse is that God was giving Isreal a chance of rebirth so that they could live again according to the truth which had already been revealed through God's servant Moses.But unfortunately isreal failed to grasp the opportunity.God had been trying for years to discipline Isreal but to no real avail.

Verse 14.

In this verse God gives two promises which will be fulfilled.Isreal were now facing judgement but later they would experience joy, 'I will ransom them from the power of the grave. The power of the grave and from death. A real sense of hope is pledged here not only for Isreal but for mankind in general.

Verse 15-16.

Israel's prosperity would soon end, their harvests would fail and their wells dry up.The 'destroying east wind' ust be Assyria. The fall of Israel came about in the year 722 B.C. The brutal end to the Israelites as described in verse 16 would seem to fall in line with the methods used by the Assyrians in their plundering and conquering of other nations.

e.Israel`s Repentance and God's blessing.Ch.14:1-9

This final chapter of Hosea introduces us to the subject of hope and blessing through repentance. Final restoration would also come because God had promised.

Verse 1.

Israel was called by God to return but first of all they must finish with their sins,after repentance comes forgiveness and with forgiveness hope.

Verse 2.

The Isrealites were to approach God in a spirit of repentance, these words would be recieved because they emulated a right spirit and a right attitude to God.

Verse 3.

Isreal was to admit that Assyria nor any other strong nation could save them.Isreal was called to renounce her Gods, especially those made by her hands,that is idols of silver or Gold.

Verse 4.

If Israel responded to God's call for repentance,God would respond positively to her by releasing His blessings on her again.But because Isreal had not at that time as a nation repented it would seem that the fulfillment of this very verse will take place in the future Millennium period. God's love was unconditioned and freely given.

Verse 5-6.

Often in Isrealite litrature,pictures of trees become Biblical figures of speech.In the future Isreal would be like a lily,a cedar of lebabon and the olive tree which was essential for life.Healthy growth is talked about here and so in the future Isreal testimony will be healthy again.

Verse 7.

Here is another covenant promise, in the future Isreal shall blossom as a vine, its testimony will be known worldwide.

Verse 8.

Israel's sin of idolatry is questioned. In God's sight what is an idol,it is absolutely nothing, worthless and in the future they will also be nothing for Isreal for Isreal will no longer depend on them or need them,Isreal will find completeness in YAHWEH.

Verse 9.

Hosea closes his book with two questions, 'who is wise?' and 'who is discerning?' he also answers them ,'only the ways of the Lord are righteous and the righteous walk in them.'
And so Hosea great prophetic book closes with a positive note, those who seek God must walk in His righteous.

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