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TMP028/9 Exposition Ch.9

b.Assyrian captivity soon to come.


Hosea moves on to warn the nation concerning the coming Assyrian captivity and God's judgement on Israel as a nation.

Verse 1-2.

Israel were warned not to rejoice nor celebrate in the heathen fashion. It was not necessary to feast or sacrifice to their idols in the coming days of darkness. Israel must remember that they were the children of God and that their standards, laws, ethics, and morals were much greater than all the other standards of all heathen nations put together. In the light of that they should feel shame for neglecting Yahweh and running after foolish idols and also prostitutes.

The mention of the thressing floors and winepress signifies the places were fertility and cultic rites of the Canaanite religion was carried out.

Verse 3.

Israel, according to this verse would soon be taken captive by the Assyrians, again the word Egypt is used here to express a place of captivity.Israel would be carried of and not allowed to live in their land again until god's judgement on the nation was fully carried out.

Verse 4/5.

Even though the Israelites poured out sacrifice after sacrifice to God in the land of their captivity, Assyria, their sacrifices could not be accepted because there was no temple there. (Deut 12:5-14).

In the light of that their sacrifices would be likened to the "bread of mourners" and all who would eat it would be considered unclean. As well as that the Israelities could not celebrate their Holy days, appointed feasts because there was no temple and no alter in Assyria.

Verse 6.

(Ki-hinneh hale ku)which means basically "even if they have gone or escaped" from the land of their imprisonment, they will be gathered up again and made captive in Assyria only to be buried in the ancient capital of Egypt.(Symbolic).The land of Canaan which was once flowing with milk and honey will become a desolate and barren wilderness overtaken with briers.

Verse 7/8.

Hosea announces again the day of punishment, the Isrealites had become antaganistic toward the prophets of God who were once held in high regard, but now were considered as fools. The man of God was seen as a menace. Israel had sunk deep into sin, so much so, that they could not see any spiritual light that might liberate them.The prophets had been faithful to the word of revelation but there was great hostility "in the house of the Lord."

c.The fleeting glory of Isreal.Chapter 9:10-17.

In these verses Hosea reveals the punishment which would take place before the great and final punishment that would be carried out by the Assyrians.

Verse 10.

When God found Israel in the desert, it was like finding "delicious grapes".(Deut 32:10).
But since then things have changed and as time past by Israel had become to God as sour grapes.That change took place at "Baal-peor" even before the children of Isreal enetered the land of Canaan (Numbers 25:3-18) they had begun to worship Baal.

Isreal had begun to worship the "Boset", the shameful idol and from that time up until the writting of this book their spiritual life had gone into deep decline.

Verse 11.

Israel had lost her power,now she would decrease population wise and she could never be a fine nation again.

Verse 12.

Because of Isreal's unfaithfulness to her children, that is all who would be born in the time of judgement, allof them would die young.

Verse 13/14.

Isreal didnot comprehend her important geographical role and position.All trade routes from the south to the north had to pass through her borders but she lost the opportunity to become a great nation because of sin.

Verse 15.

Gilgal was the place of all wicketness, Baal worship, cult prostitution was carried out there and because of that God's hate (`sane'), He could no longer love them. God had now nothing positive to say about Israel as a nation.Their leaders were corrupt and sinful and God would expel them from Israel for ever.

Verse 16.

Again Hosea warns Israel that her population growth will be hindered and they will remain a frail nation having no infulence at all.

Verse 17.

Israel was rejected because of disobedience, as a result they would become "wanderers among the nations."


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