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Internet Gospel Programmes 

             `Preach the word in season and out of season.`library IGP-1.

This programme ( IGP-1) is a 'sermon library' containing materials prepared from using important passages in the New and Old Testaments concerning God's plan of salvation.

book shelves 'Many roads to the cross but one way to God.'   IGP-2.

A collection of the faith stories of men and woman who made their journey to the cross from other religions ,as well as from agnostic and atheistic backgrounds, finding salvation in the Gospel of Jesus.

movie camera 'Look, Listen and Learn.'IGP-3.

Our video library will concentrate on short but effective witness to personal journeys of faith which have particular significance to people who find themselves struggling with some of life's extreme circumstances.

open book`How to become a Christian.`IGP-4.

First century, 'journeys to the cross' as recorded in the scripture and early church history. Allowing the scripture and the Spirit of God direct our journey to faith in Christ.

email logo 'Have you questions about life, death, sin and salvation?' IGP-5.


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